Happy Belated Birthday Kim Hyoyeon  - my SMTOWN experience with Hyoyeon

To be honest, Hyoyeon was one of the reasons why I wanted to go SMTOWN INA. I wanted to be personally there for her birthday and I’m glad I was.

After Hyoyeon introduced herself, there was a deafening roar of cheers and Sooyoung only started saying, ‘Today, we…’ before she noticed something and stopped, looking towards Festival A where most SONEs were located at. As planned, they were holding up papers saying ‘Today is HYOurs’ and there was supposed to be a birthday wish thing we were supposed to shout. They realized what was happening, but because we were kinda uncoordinated, so Sooyoung and Taeyeon counted for us and we all sang her a happy birthday song together~

Hyoyeon then made this adorably weird face like I don’t even know that is and the girls started pulling on her hair.

Sica pushed Hyo’s head down roughly and the girls beat her up. While Taeyeon gave us some rare Hyotae moments with her back hug.

Hyo got up and attempted to punch Sunny. does she even know what sica did to her. I think Yuri was trying to pat her head or something but failYul

Hyoyeon came around to our area (FINALLY!!!) during Kissing You. The crowd erupted when she was at our area and I think she was surprised. I was shouting non stop, “HYOYEON, ANNYEONG, ANNYEONG”. But it was worth it because Hyoyeon turned to look at us. She nodded and waved to us coolly as if saying, “Chill out guys, I heard you~”

And then she turned to my camera. Creys. The first gif where she finally turned to look at me.

She did some cutesy V poses before doing a dorky one and then laughing at her own behavior. And then she gave me that cheeky knowing look before she turned away. alkjahsdglkjahgdla

It was so damn difficult trying to control myself and I just kept telling myself repeatedly to not spazz and keep filming, and shout without shaking the camera too much, because otherwise I’d regret it if I don’t capture such a precious moment. It was only when she has walked a far distance that I just basically screamed. 

Before she focused on my camera, she was waving to the SONEs around me. I thought the most precious thing was that she didn’t just look at one person, but she made sure to look at as many SONEs as possible. I know this because all my friends had managed to get eye contact with Hyoyeon. This is so precious and I’m forever keeping this memory of Kim Hyoyeon. 

Hyoyeon looked so happy in the fancams and in the photos we took. She was glowing on stage and damn that girl is breathtaking in real life. This is not the first time I’ve seen her and each time she never fails to stun me when I see her up close like that. I really hope that although SONEs were greatly over-numbered, Hyoyeon could feel our love.

I heard after the concert that Hyoyeon cried backstage. :’)

Happy belated birthday, Kim Hyoyeon <3 I love you and I will see you again soon, hopefully. Thank you for making this ordinary SONE so happy by acknowledging her.