◢ The biggest bias list ruiner

yeah keep on smiling you two. keep smiling as if nothing is wrong and you’re not totally kicking others down my bias list. ugh.

i can’t stand it.

omg go away the both of you

stop smiling

stop it

yoona stop being so freaking pretty even when all pale and sickly on love rain. omg stop acting so well. stop making me like the drama so much. stop.

and you, jung, stop smiling like that. stop being so freaking perfect in all the photoshoots and stop having such a lovable and precious personality. stop omg.

you guys are making me look and sound so weird, i’m like talking to myself now. and i will probably lose some followers at the rate i’m going 

i’m sorry guise i can’t help it. i can’t help it and i couldn’t stop myself. this is a line from love rain. ha.

omg mianhe ._______.